Students are taught by OFSTED rated Outstanding Teachers who wealth of experience teaching in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Your child will be taught by the best.

Ten of our first intake have already secured employment directly through us and from the qualifications they have received from us while still on their course. This is unheard of in college education.

We enrolled Level 2 and Level 3 students in our first intake. The level 2 students are now on a level 3 course with an FA level 1, lifeguard and gym instructor qualification.

From our very first intake of level 3 students, 80% went into university. This is way above the national average. We are confident that those students will go on to achieve fantastic results at University. They can still earn through the employment they have gained through the qualifications they received from us.

We offer the following qualifications:

• Level 3 BTEC Sport and Exercise Science Extended Diploma
• Level 3 BTEC Sport Extended Diploma
• Level 3 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Extended Diploma
• Level 2 BTEC First Diploma
• Fitness Diploma
• Football Studies
• Personal Trainer
• Gym Instructor
• Lifeguard
• FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate
• FA level 2 Coaching Certificate
• PTTLLS (Trainee Teacher)
The level 3 BTEC qualifications are the equivalent of three A levels. Both will give progression into University. Sport and Exercise will provide a pathway into Physiotherapy and other non-related sports degrees.

We are the ONLY college in the UK to offer these qualifications. This provides a huge advantage when leaving us and progressing onto the next step.

We have outstanding, experienced staff. We have earned the trust we have gained from the Professional Footballers Association (PFA), Professional Rugby Players Association (PRA), Schools and numerous Universities because of the quality staff we have and the solid track record we have created.

Exit Route

The exit routes are varied for our students. The varied routes our students have taken include the following:

• Coaching
• Personal Training
• Lifeguard
• Sport and Exercise Science
• Sport Science
• Sport Psychology
• Football Analyst
• Physiotherapy
• Sport Therapy
• Football Science
• Podiatry
• Sport Psychology
• Nutrition
• Coaching Science
• Strength & Conditioning
• Teaching
• Law Degree

Sport Science is a growing industry and employs a substantial amount of people. We offer the best education around sport science and football in the UK. There are growing opportunities around the world for students who have ALL the qualifications we offer.

The equivalent of three A levels, this extended diploma will give the students the opportunity to study at higher education.

With our unique teaching system, we continually achieve fantastic results both academically and socially.
We passionately believe that young people need to be actively engaged in their learning to maximise potential and are not passive bystanders. All too often, students are taught at and not included in the learning process. Sixth form is about preparing students for their onward journey from school. They need to be challenged continually in their studies, personal development and future aspirations. Without setting future targets, students lack the motivation needed to succeed. Developing intrinsic motivation, self regulation and continual stimuli is absolutely necessary for students to achieve. This is part of our unique teaching system that we give a new focus to the learner and their learning.

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