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Why the Fowler Sport Academy is the best Sport Science and Football provider in Merseyside
Why should you choose The Robbie Fowler Education Academy for college education? The following are some of the reasons why:
• We play at the highest possible level below academy football. The Premier League for English Colleges Football. The only college on Merseyside to do so
• We are ranked in the top 10% of Colleges in the UK
• Top quality staff
• Excellent football provision
• Proven successful track record with our students
• OUTSTANDING by OFSTED on several occasions for TEACHING and LEARNING over the last five years

Making a choice of study options after year 11 school is probably one of the most important decisions to be made. This is because the next journey could determine whether you reach your full potential. You have to trust that you are making the right decision for your future. At the Fowler Academy you will have the choice of the following progression/careers:
• Coaching
• American Scholarships
• Sport Scientist
• Nutritionist
• Teacher
• Physiotherapist
• Professional and Semi-Professional Footballer
• University
At the Fowler Academy, we wanted to do things slightly differently when we opened our doors and we have. We have had amazing success in a very short space of time.

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