The following courses are available:

• Sport and Exercise Science level 2 & 3
• FA coaching qualifications
• Gym Instructor
• Personal Trainer
• Lifeguard
• Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

If a student has 5 A-C passes at GCSE they will commence on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science. This qualification is the equivalent of 3 A levels and will provide a direct route into University. This course is strong academically as the mandatory units contain research methods and a research project. The course has 18 units of which 4 are at level 4 (equivalent of a first year university degree).

For students who do not gain 5 A-C passes they will commence onto the level 2 Sport BTEC. If they perform well they will be progress onto the level 3 course.

Students will also study the Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Lifeguard qualifications as part of their vocational qualifications. This will give them an opportunity to gain employment during and after their studies with FEFA.

There is another route for the students who gain 5 A-C passes at GCSE. For the students who are business orientated, the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Extended Diploma is also the equivalent of 3 A levels. This will also provide a direct route into University. This course offers a fantastic opportunity for the budding entrepreneur to fully understand the many different aspects of opening a business. Indeed, one of the outcomes of the course is that the students has opened their own business by the course end. This course is taught over two years and will provide the students with opportunities to:

• Visit local businesses
• Visit multi-national businesses
• Look at the changing face of social media in creating businesses
• Investigate e-Commerce and the role of selling
• Listen to expert guest speakers from companies like Deloitte, BT & Oracle amongst others
• Discuss the guest speakers business and the role it plays in the world wide business community
• Analyse e-marketing and Website Design

The students will be coached for around 15 hours a week as well as playing matches as laid down by the EPPP. They will study for around 20 hours per week but not just in the classroom.

Students will gain invaluable academic and employment skills on the course such as:

• Using Biomechanics software such as Quintic
• How to analyse games
• How to analyse players diets and nutrition
• Using the latest IT packages
• How to research
• CV building
• Employment law
• Interview techniques

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